10 Steps to Home Ownership

1.                 Consider advantages & disadvantages:

            Do you really want to own a home?

2.                 Consider the market conditions:

            Is this the right time for you?

3.                 Assess your credit standing:

            Do you need to repair or improve?

4.                 Assess your finances:

            Do you have cash for a downpayment, closing costs, etc?

5.                 Create a budget:

            What monthly payment can you afford?

6.                 Contact a lender:

            What amount of loan do you qualify for?

7.                 Compile your wish list of home features:

            Prioritize wants vs. needs

8.                 Interview & choose an agent

            How do you find the right agent for you?

9.                 Search for a home

            How do you find the right home for you?

10.            Make an offer and close the sale


The Keys to Home Ownership:

Free, Homebuyer Education Workshops

 Is this a good time to buy a home?  How much house can I afford?  How do I get started?

 Keys to Home Ownership is a free, 2-hour workshop designed to answer these and many more of your most immediate and essential questions about how to go about buying your own home.

 During the workshop you will discover the 10 Steps to Home Ownership, including:

 üThe advantages and disadvantages of home ownership

üHow to assess your finances and establish a budget

üHow to interview and select a lender

üHow to interview and select an agent

üHow to find the right home for you

üHow to make an offer and close the sale

The Keys to Home Ownership workshop, presented by Alice Kuder, is offered most Sundays from 10AM-Noon at the Prudential office in West Seattle.  Classes are limited to a maximum of 6 participants.  Call today to find out about the next available date.  206-708-9800.


This is not a sales presentation and participants are under no obligation of any kind.