Now that you own your own home, who do you call when the pipes leak, the roof needs replacing and the sewer backs up?

Being single can be a real advantage when it comes to choosing which home to buy (no one else's opinion to consider), but it can feel like a significant disadvantage when you have to make difficult, and potentially costly decisions about maintenance and improvements.

Savvy Seattle Women, is a local network of women home owners whose purpose it to act as a free and impartial resource you can call on for expert advice and referrals -- much like a trusted friend you can consult without obligation or fear of offense.

Who we are:

The nucleus of Savvy Seattle Women is a group of professional women dedicated to helping other women achieve and maintain their goals of home ownership.

What we do:

We host and foster an ever-evolving network of local women who offer each other support, information, referrals and other resources related to home ownership. With the exception of the founders, membership in the network is informal and there are no fees involved.

What we offer:

The primary services we provide are: free workshops; professional referrals; online advice and support via our own social network created specifically for SSW.

Why we do it:

There was a time – not so long ago – when it was unusual for a single woman to purchase a home on her own. Today, single women comprise an estimated 21% of new home buyers in this country. That makes us the fastest growing segment of the market, and gives us the ability to positively impact the fiscal health of our national economy.

Sponsoring SSW offers us an avenue for encouraging this trend while growing our own businesses. By giving added attention to single women, along side our other valued clients, we intend to inspire and enable even more women to become home owners.


The founders of SSW : Back to Front, Left to Right

Sharon E. Best, Attorney; Kelli Strand, Chicago Title; Lori Richmond, Mortgage Planner; Laurie Aull, Paint Contractor; Alice Kuder, Realtor; Diane Moorman, Stager/Designer


SSW sponsors free monthly workshops

on various topics related to home ownership. The workshops are presented by SSW core members and/or other invited professionals. They are provided as a free community service and are open to the general public.
Presenters are strictly prohibited from selling products or services or soliciting business in any way.

Tuesday, June 1st  6:30P-8P

Presented by Alice Kuder & SSW

7 Invaluable Home Owner Tips

¨ DIY projects to Increase the Value of Your Home

¨ Professionals You Should Have on Speed Dial

¨ Legal Quagmires to Avoid as a Home Owner


Tuesday, June 29th  6:30P-8P

Presented by Lori Richmond

How to Buy & Finance a Fixer

¨ Buy a foreclosure & turn it into your dream home

¨ Get renovation funds to remodel your existing home


Tuesday, July 27th  6:30P-8P

Presented by Sharon E. Best

Everything You Need to Know About Community Property

(but didn’t know you should ask)

¨ How much do you know about Community Property? What you don’t know may hurt you

¨ What is the effect of a Quit Claim Deed between spouses?

¨ What happens to Community Property after you die?


Register by e-mail,

or call Alice at 206-708-9800

Location: Jefferson Square, West Seattle