Single Buyer: Home Life Preferences


This questionnaire is designed to acquaint me with your lifestyle habits and preferences so I can serve you more effectively and efficiently throughout our real estate transactions.  Of course, all questions are optional and all responses will be kept confidential.


1)         Do you consider your house to be primarily:

            A)         An investment

            B)         A refuge

            Comment: ________________________________________________________


2)         Do you prefer a home with:

            A)         Ample square footage/living space (as much space as I can afford)

            B)         Less square footage, but efficient layout (only as much space as I really need)

            Comment: _________________________________________________________


3)         Please rank the following according to the percentage of time you typically spend in each room with 1 being the most amount of time and 7 being the least amount of time

            ___ Kitchen     ___ Bedroom  ___ Home Office        ___      Living Room


            ___ Den           ___ Media Room        ___ Other ____________________


4)         Do you work:

            A)         Primarily from home

            B)         Primarily at an office (away from home)

            C)         A combination of the two

            Comment: __________________________________________________________


5)         How many hours are you away from home on a typical workday?

            A)         10-12

            B)         8-10

            C)         4-8

            D)        Less than 4

            Comment: __________________________________________________________


6)         How often do you travel out of town?

            A)         Frequent short trips

            B)         Frequent long trips

            C)         Occasional short trips

            D)        Occasional long trips

            E)         Rarely travel

            Comment: ___________________________________________________________


7)         Do you conduct your social life primarily

            A)         Away from home

            B)         At home with individuals or small groups

            C)         At home with large groups

            Comment: ____________________________________________________________


8)         Do you spend a good deal of leisure time

            A)         In the yard/garden

            B)         Doing home improvement projects

            C)         Doing other home maintenance

            D)        Away from home

            Comment: ______________________________________________________________


9)         Concerning home maintenance/projects, do you mostly

            A)         Do-it-yourself whenever possible

            B)         Hire it done whenever possible

            Comment: __________________________________ ____________________________


10)       Do you have pets?

            A)         Dog(s)

            B)         Cat(s)

            C)         Other(s)___________________________

            D)        None

            Comment: _______________________________________________________________


11)       If you own pets, do they spend most of the time

            A)         Indoors

            B)         Outdoors

            Comment: _______________________________________________________________


11)       In regards to decision making, do you consider yourself to be

            A)         Quick and decisive

            B)         Deliberate and thoughtful

            Comment: _______________________________________________________________


13)       Also in regards to decision making, do you prefer to

            A)         Trust your own instincts

            B)         Solicit opinions from others

            Comment: _______________________________________________________________


14)       Once you reach a decision, is it more likely to be

            A)         Final

            B)         Changeable

            Comment: _______________________________________________________________


15)       Please rank the following according to your preference for transportation

            ___ Car/motorcycle

            ___ Bicycle

            ___ Bus/Light rail

            ___ Walking

            Comment: ________________________________________________________________