Why Hire a Buyer’s Agent?


        Over 80% of home buyer’s now start their search on the internet before ever talking to a licensed agent.  So why not just call the Listing Agent directly when you find the property you want?  Here’s why. 

            The Listing Agent is hired by, and paid by the Seller to protect the Seller’s best interests, so it is important for you to hire a Buyer’s Agent to protect your best interests.

            When one agent works on behalf of both the seller and the buyer in a single transaction it is known as Dual Agency.  Although Dual Agency is legal in this state, it is outlawed in many others because of the ethical difficulties involved in

trying to serve two clients without favoring one over the other.

            Asking a Listing Agent to help you buy a house is like asking a Prosecuting Attorney to defend you in court.

            You deserve to be represented by an agent who is committed to serving only your best interests.


How to “Shop” for a Buyer’s Agent


            Finding an agent is easy.  Finding the right agent for you, takes a bit more time and effort.  Keep in mind that you are hiring this person to do a job for you ~ an important job with significant financial implications ~ so you should interview them as you would any other potential employee.  There are many, many skilled and qualified agents to choose from, so interview two, three or more until you feel confident you have found someone whose work style and personality mesh with yours.  How do you decide who to interview?  Here are some suggestions:


ü Ask friends and family to recommend agents who have done a good job for them.  (Note: if they can’t remember the agent’s name without looking it up, the agent probably wasn’t all that great ~ merely adequate.)


ü Drop by Open Houses in your neighborhood.  This allows you to meet agents in person and do an initial “stealth” interview. The agent holding the Open House may or may not be the listing agent. ASK if s/he is the listing agent or a buyer's agent for this particular home. (If s/he is the listing agent, refer to the caution above.)


ü Make note of any agent whose name repeatedly pops up on Open House signs. There can be great advantage to using an agent who knows your area well, but be aware that not all good listing agents make good buyer’s agents.


ü Look for an agent who is affiliated with a nationally recognized company.  These companies provide invaluable marketing resources for their agents and their clients.