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to Move!

Alice Kuder, REALTOR

Seattle, Washington

I am Seattle’s Single Minded Realtor, serving all home buyers and sellers in the Seattle area, with particular attention to the unique needs of single buyers and sellers.

Proud recipient of the Five Star Professional Service Award every year since 2010.

"We really enjoyed working with Alice on our home search and hope we'll have the opportunity again soon. She is creative, results driven and did everything she could think of to find us our perfect home." A. Griggs

“In lieu of listing a litany of accolades, three which trump all of the rest are: tenacious mediator; unrelenting integrity; compassionate spirit.” N. Weinbel

"My wife and I used Alice's services last year. She was our real estate agent and helped us find our house. She's been really great. She is very dynamic and worked hard for us. She set a fast pace and made us stick to it. She also seems to be working pretty long hours. At times, we would email her at 9:30 at night and get an answer within an hour. We definitely had a good experience with her." P. Mariani

"I'd like to endorse Alice Kuder for her patience. We've gone to a lot of houses and written several contracts, and she just keeps on working! She helps her customers find out all the facts about each home and doesn't pressure you into buying a lemon just so she can get a commission." P. Schmidt

"Alice Kuder was over the top!!! Outstanding!!! Excellent!!!" H. Maltin

"Alice has a winning system, and she works it to a successful sale and closing. Thank you, Alice, for all your thorough exhausting work." M. Williams